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Assisting Body, Mind and Spirit through Therapeutic Massage

You are given an amazing body that is interconnected in ways that we are just beginning to understand. Body, mind, and spirit fuse together to make you, who you are. If your body is hurting, it affects how you think and the spirit you project to others.

Massage is a supplement to the body’s natural healing process. The food you eat is transformed by your digestive system into Adenosine Triphospate (ATP) the body’s energy source that powers all of the body's cells. For the body to maintain health, and repair damaged cells, each cell needs its’ share of ATP. If a muscle does not get the energy it needs, it sends a pain signal. The process of systematic compression increases circulation and helps remove the toxins that build up over time. As the cells get what is needed, the pain subsides.

Massage works best in combination with other proven pain-relief techniques.
First, eat right. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that disease is caused by energy blockage. By changing the food that you eat, you change the chemistry of the body, allowing it to remove blockages and function properly. Not only will your pain subside, but also your clothes will fit better!

Second, move well and regularly. Controlled movement helps loosen and strengthen muscles. Low impact movements like those found in yoga and tai chi are good examples. For those with limited mobility or desk jobs, some of these moves can even be done while in bed or in a chair!

Finally, breathe deeply. One of the best pain-relief techniques is also one of the easiest. Controlled, deep breathing is a proven way to lower blood pressure. It also helps muscles relax. If it works for women in labor, it will help you too.

Talk to your doctors and therapist about all over-the-counter and prescription drugs being taken. This allows all providers to determine appropriate treatment. Chronic conditions can lead to medications not being as effective as when originally prescribed.




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